Sliced Brie Cheese Fresh 250grams


What is Brie Cheese made out of?
Brie cheese, an originally French cheese, is a creamy, whiteish yellow cheese encased in a soft, powdery-white edible rind. It is sold in small to large rounds and is either baked whole, served at room temperature, or sliced and added to sandwiches. Its appeal is that when it’s cut into, the cheese will deliciously ooze out of its casing. That will only happen if the cheese is at the peak of ripeness.

Brie is known to be one of the world’s great cheeses, and perhaps this is due to not only its taste but also because of its simple versatility. You can just unwrap the wheel, put it on a plate, surround it with crackers, and let guests cut into it on their own. It is also delicious baked in the oven, with or without a pastry coating, and is a welcome addition to a turkey or ham sandwich on a baguette.

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Made from soft cow’s milk. 250g

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