Thomas Hoe Stevenson Blue Stilton 200grams


What is Thomas Hoe Stevenson Blue Stilton Cheese made out of?
Rightfully known as the ‘King of English Cheeses’, Blue Stilton takes its name from a village just south of Peterborough which was a coaching stop on the Great North Road

Stilton is honored with a certification trademark and Protected Designation of Origin status, meaning it can only be made in the counties of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, and Leicestershire to a specified recipe

Currently, there are just 6 dairies allowed to use the Blue Stilton name

Traditionally, this cheese has been paired with sherry and port wine. It is also a good choice to go with walnuts, crackers, biscuits, and bread

It is a quintessential English cheese, suitable not only for celebrations but also to perk up everyday dishes

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