U.s ChuckRoll 500/G

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Why are they called U.S ChuckRoll?
This large, boneless cut comes from between the ribs and backbone. Contains a mix of tender and somewhat tough muscles, which are fabricated into smaller cuts known as the Chuck Eye Roll and the Chuck Under Blade. Extension of the Ribeye Roll that remains in the Chuck.

Chuck eye roll is an inexpensive cut from the muscle between the neck and shoulder blade. It is the continuation of the rib-eye meat. … While the “neck end” is less tender and often used for beef stew, roasts, or ground chuck.

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1 review for U.s ChuckRoll 500/G

  1. 5 out of 5


    Choice meat for a great price! Love the packaging too….vacuum pack makes it easy to freeze. and the ambiance is so nice. surely be back again!

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