Bread Recipes to Make at Home
Bread Recipes to Make at Home

Want to make bread at home? Here are all the best homemade bread recipes, from sourdough to crusty artisan bread to cornbread.

Here are a few of our favorite bread recipes, with varying skill levels! The easiest is our homemade sandwich loaf and no knead bread, and the most advanced is our sourdough bread. It’s not hard, but it’s a multi-day process that requires some special equipment. Where necessary, we’ve got videos to help you through the process. Whatever recipe you choose, we guarantee: you’ll want to make this bread again and again.




Homemade bread

Want a go-to easy homemade bread recipe? This recipe works for just about anything. It’s perfect for sandwiches, making toast, or serving with soup. Even better, it really is easy compared to other breads you’ll bake. You don’t need specialized equipment, and it bakes right in a 9-inch loaf pan.

It’s got a little whole wheat flour, oats, and seeds on the top for added nutrients and flavor. You’ll never need to buy bread again!



No knead bread

Want to bake easy homemade bread, but not sure where to start? Try this best no knead bread recipe! Your friends and family will sing your praises. This bread is life changing! It’s got the best flavor: lightly tangy and robust. The exterior is the perfect crisp crust, and the interior has the perfect moist chewiness. If you’re a bread baking beginner, this is the place to start.



Welcome to Artisan Bread 101! Want to make beautiful artisan bread but don’t want the commitment level for sourdough? This artisan bread recipe is the perfect place to start.

Our Simple Sourdough (above) is one of the best resources on the internet for how to make sourdough bread. But to start with something a little more accessible, we created this recipe. This artisan bread recipe teaches you the skills of sourdough but with a simpler and faster method!



What’s better than a crunchy fresh French artisan baguette? (Almost nothing.) Well, here’s an easy baguette recipe you can make at home! It’s simple to make: there’s no special equipment required! The only ingredients you need are all-purpose flour, yeast and salt. You will be absolutely amazed at the crunchy texture, tangy flavor, and beautiful long loaf.



This homemade sourdough bread recipe is the best resource on the internet! Easy to follow instructions, a printable checklist, and a step-by-step video help you master that tangy flavor, chewy crust, and perfect texture.

In our Sourdough Bread Recipe video, Alex shows you exactly what it looks like on the steps for each day. Since it’s a multi-day process, we also created a printable checklist so you can remember which step you’re on.



Here’s our new favorite bread trick: flatbread! This traditional bread is so easy to make, nothing like sourdough or artisan bread. Just mix up the dough, then cook it until golden and charred in a skillet! You need no yeast, no special flours, and no special equipment. You’ll be surprised at how soft and chewy it is, with the perfect flavor. Try it with falafel to make a killer sandwich, a wrap with hummus and grilled veggies, a flatbread pizza, or as a side with soup.



Here’s our very best whole wheat bread! Like our homemade bread above, it’s perfect for sandwiches and toast, made with your own two hands and no store-bought preservatives! It’s so easy to make: with no special equipment needed. All you need is a loaf pan and a passion for homemade bread. This version of the classic recipe uses more whole wheat flour for a more robust flavor and increased nutrients.



Looking for an artisan bread recipe that’s easy to make and has that perfect crusty bread texture? Meet our homemade artisan bread recipe! It’s got a beautiful crust and artisan bread appearance, but it takes only about 30 minutes of active time. It’s baked in a Dutch oven to get that crispy crunchy exterior.

And the flavor? It’s got a very light tang from some Greek yogurt, and it’s the perfect texture for making sandwiches. I like to call it “cheater’s sourdough” because it’s way less work than sourdough and just as delicious. It’s got a video tutorial to show you exactly how it’s done. Bring on the bread!



Bread recipes don’t have to be baked! This Indian flatbread is cooked in a skillet, and it’s always a crowd pleaser: soft, supple, warm and garlic-scented. There’s not much better to sop up a savory curry. There are all sorts of creative ways to turn naan into dinner too: like naan pizza! It’s easy to find this famous bread at the store, but the very best way to eat it: homemade, right off the skillet.



What if we told you you could make a fresh, artisan bread recipe at home, with minimal active time and a fraction of the cost of store-bought bread? Most bread recipes require many hours of labor. But there’s a type of bread making called no knead bread, where you can mix up a batch and throw it in the refrigerator for a few hours or for up to 2 weeks! Then you shape and bake it the day you want to eat it.

It’s truly easy compared to other bread recipes! This multigrain bread is made with some rye flour and has tasty mix-ins like oatmeal, sunflower seeds, and quinoa.



A quick bread is any bread that uses baking soda and baking powder for leavening, instead of yeast. Yeast breads require a bit more technique, including proofing and shaping the dough. Quick breads, on the other hand, can be baked right away (hence the “quick”) and require no special techniques. Pick a few from below!



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